Lynda Lippin Pilates

Master Pilates Teacher & Personal Trainer

I help people feel & function better

I offer Pilates continuing education, and

I help Pilates Teachers simplify their business strategy to create more impact & more income.

Pilates Profit Lab

My free Pilates Profit Lab group is full of content to help you how simplify & focus your Pilates business strategy so you can earn more money by connecting with your people, building your authority, & being open to new ideas. It's also where all my free trainings - workshops & livenars - happen!

Pilates Teacher Mastermind VIP

A One Year Professional Development & Business Accelerator Program Designed For Pilates Teachers By a Pilates Teacher. Learn To Simplify Your Business Strategy To Make More Money & Create More Impact.

Pilates for Back Pain eCourse

This self-led eCourse offers Pilates & Fitness professionals a comprehensive overview of the common causes of back pain and how to modify for them. 12 PMA (NPCP) cecs

Pilates Teacher Mastermind CEC Workshop Bundle

Four of my most popular Pilates Teacher Mastermind workshops - Osteoporosis Modifications for Mat, Common Causes of Back Pain with Mat Modifications, Back Pain Apparatus Modifications, and Pre-Pilates Fundamentals. 12 PMA (NPCP) cecs.

Schedule A Pilates Private or A Free Consultation

If you are not sure what you need, or would just like to meet with me before you work with me, schedule a free 15 minute Zoom consultation.


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