I teach Pilates privates and semis at Real Pilates Tribeca, and with very limited availability at Pilates on Fifth.

Sessions may involve a variety of Pilates apparatus and mat, and offer full body workouts geared specifically to your body’s needs. I also do a limited number of in-home privates in Manhattan.


I have been teaching Pilates, fitness, and reiki online for about a decade, and offer lower prices than in the studio. As an added feature, I can even record the session and send you the video for your personal reference. I offer private and semi-private training via Skype, a Going More Joe mentorship program for contemporary-trained Pilates teachers with 5+ years of experience who want to learn more about Classical Pilates in a judgment-free zone, and several 6-week online programs.

FASTer Way To Fat Loss

After decades of struggling with my weight, ruining my thyroid and adrenal glands, and struggling on way too little food and way too much exercise, I found the FASTer Way. This easy to follow and extremely effective program has helped me reshape my body through a program of balanced nutrition and specifically timed and focused workouts. I am eating more than ever, working out less, and have gained muscle and lost fat. Plus I am sleeping better and have more energy. Join me!