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If you want to simplify your cues for the Pilates Mat and get ideas for clients who experience back and neck pain, grab your discounted copy of my Mastering the Mat Pilates Audio Bundle! This audio bundle includes:

  • Pilates Mat for Lower Back Pain

  • Pilates Mat for Neck and Shoulder Pain

  • Beg/Int Pilates Mat

  • Pilates with Ring and Foam Roller

download the pilates audio bundle - just $47 (reg. $80)

Hear from some Pilates Mat teachers who have used my Pilates Audios:

"I was very curious to try this short audio by long-time Pilates teacher Lynda Lippin presenting easy and gentle moves for back pain relief. I was particularly curious as to how it compared to my own quick routine that I use each morning to manage my back stiffness and pain. It’s better than mine! It’s actually quite surprising. After I do it there is no pain at all, no matter how I move or twist – remarkable.

She does not overwhelm you with physiology and imagery that has slowly but surely come to dominate Pilates instruction ever since Joe Pilates passed away in the 60’s. As many of you know I constantly call for simpler and easier Pilates instruction especially for beginners. Lynda’s instruction contains no head-scratchers! Nothing complicated! It’s rare and wonderful Pilates instruction!"

-Bob Hannum, Pilates Mat Teacher

"Lynda Lippin is an experienced instructor who is able to talk us through detailed instructions with few glitches. I also appreciate Lynda's relaxed tone and pacing. In the back and neck pain audios, she takes the time to lead one into the subtle shifts of body placement and attention that make the exercises supportive of healing for the back and neck. She also gives valuable cues about how to initiate the exercises and reassurances about how they might feel".

-Marguerite Ogle, Pilates Teacher

"I’m not sure how she does it, if it’s her hypnotic voice that’s so calming and easy to listen to, or her cuing that is specific without being blunt as if giving orders…but  Lynda guides you at first by having you gently expanding the ribcage with guided breath patterns, and introduces simple but challenging exercises to assist you in finding proper alignment so that stability almost becomes a non issue as you get into the deeper abdominal work."

-Sunni Almond, Pilates Teacher and founder of Going More Joe

This Pilates Audio Bundle is only available right now at this price! 

download all four pilates audios for just $47