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Black Friday Pilates Savings Starts Now

I Am Thankful

2020 presented a lot of challenges - COVID Pilates studio closures, our dog Juniper's cancer diagnosis, and the US presidential election. 

I am thankful that I have not only weathered the storms, but am thriving in both my business and personal life. My clients are all getting stronger, feeling less pain, and building better bone density.

Plus, I've been able to help other Pilates teachers pivot their businesses online and learn to teach better Pilates through Pilates Teacher Mastermind VIP.

A 25% Off Thank You Gift

Starting now through 11/30/20, use code NOV25 at checkout to save 25% on everything Lynda Lippin Pilates - including PTMM VIP (the same code is good in all of my shopping carts, and you can use more than once).

The savings are real! 

Click the Links & Use NOV25 to save 25% on:

Private Pilates Sessions (save up to $40)

Pilates Audio Classes (save $10)

Pilates Progressions with Purpose February 2021...

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Last Day To Save 10% on Pilates Privates, Audio Classes, and Continuing Education

Whether you just need a Pilates audio class to add to your workout library, would like to do a private Zoom workout, or are a Pilates teacher who needs continuing education with cecs, I have you covered.

Today is the last day to use coupon code SOCIAL and save 10% on Pilates privates, audio classes, and continuing education.

If you need a private trainer to make sure you are doing things right, private Zoom sessions are perfect for you, & I have some rare openings!

Schedule your Online Private

If you're good on your own with some verbal cuing, pre-recorded Pilates Audio Classes are perfect.

Download your Pilates Audio Classes

If you are a Pilates teacher and need continuing education, you have your choice of self-paced workshops or livestreams.

Pilates for Back Pain eCourse (12 cecs - self-paced)

Pilates Teacher Mastermind Workshop Bundle (12 cecs - self-paced) 

My next livestream education program,...

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PGA Pro Paul Hobart Loves My Pilates for Neck & Shoulder Pain Audio

I met Class A PGA Golf Professional Paul Hobart online, where he won my Pilates for Neck & Shoulder Pain audio in a Twitter contest. Here is his feedback, which I just love!

"I recently had the opportunity to try Lynda's Pilates program for neck and shoulders, and I was little skeptical.

As a PGA Golf Professional, instructor, and competitive player, I figured that my quick pre-round stretches and practice swings were getting me ready to play.

I wasn't real sure what "Pilates" was, and what it had to do with my golf game.

2 minutes into the program, I knew that I had found something great.

As I listened to Lynda's simple instructions, I worked my way through the movements. I found a few sore spots, and a couple tight areas, but they quickly melted away as I combined the movements, relaxation, and breathing.

My entire upper body had a feeling of being released and relaxed into a light and energized state.

After the program ended, (which seemed really fast!) I...

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Having Lower Back Pain? Try This Pilates Workout.

Former Pilates Teacher and Launch Expert Ann Samoilov has tried my Pilates for Lower Back Pain Audio Class and here are her unedited comments:

"I just did Lynda Lippin's Lower Back Pain audio workout.

Now, I do not have any known issues with my back and I don't suffer from any chronic pain.

However, I will say that I do have hip tightness and random
pain caused by lifting my toddler incorrectly.

I finished this guided exercise sequence much more open and looser in my hips--especially the outer hips and also where I experienced sciatica pain during pregnancy.

I highly recommend this audio program to anyone who has minimal or continuous back pain. My own mother is struggling with some lower back issues and I won't hesitate to recommend she try this!

The sequence of exercises has all the qualities of a solid pilates
principles workout--easy to follow, well-paced, and above all safe.

Lynda has the ability to be very specific without overwhelming the
listening with...

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Review: Facial Magic Exercises for A Natural Face Lift

You can have the benefits of a face lift (without surgery) from Facial Magic exercises.

Several years ago, while we were in the middle of our contracts at Parrot Cay, my husband started to play with my chin wattle. What started as a cutesy joke quickly escalated into a fight.

Me: "Don't play with my wattle; you'll only make it worse!" Hubby: "But I love everything about you, and it's so cute!" Me: "IT'S NOT CUTE!"

Gravity is not our friend as we age. As a fitness professional, I know that exercising muscles in our bodies keeps them toned and helps keep the skin attached to the tissue underneath, so it makes sense to me that exercising facial muscles would do the same.

However, exercising the face is tough for at least two reasons: there are a lot of small specialized muscles (43, in fact) and unlike most of the body's muscles, most facial muscles have only a single bony attachment, and some have none at all. This makes contracting the muscles on command very difficult.

Early on in...

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Tone Up with the Lisa Snowdon Supermodel Workout


One of the best experiences I had while working at Parrot Cay was putting together goal-oriented fitness programs for different guests.

I would work together with the kitchen, the spa, and the butlers to ensure that the person achieved his or her goals. This sometimes meant taking snacks and alcohol out of mini-bars and making sure guests were up in time for early morning workouts.

One of my favorite guests was model, actress, and radio host Lisa Snowdon. She came to the Cay for one week, with her stated goals being to try some Pilates, improve her exercise form to eliminate back pain, tone up, and lose a few pounds. Lisa left five pounds lighter and four inches smaller with no back pain! 

I was trying lots of different meditation and yoga classes, lots of gorgeous treatments in the spa and more tough private classes with Lynda. I was in total heaven feeling fitter, healthier, sleeping really well and enjoying being super-rested. Incorporating at least two hours of exercise a...

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Diastasis Recti and Pilates

Diastasis Recti can be both helped or worsened with Pilates. Here's how Pilates can help.

Diastasis Recti as defined by the NIH:

Diastasis recti is a separation between the left and right side of the rectus abdominis muscle, which covers the front surface of the belly area.

Most diastasis is seen in pregnant women, where the muscle separates as the woman's belly expands. I have also seen it in men after abdominal surgeries.

But at the moment I am working with many women who worsened their diastasis through improper exercise techniques during and after pregnancy.

Basically, it is crucial that the transverse abdominis and pelvic floor muscles be strengthened to help hold everything together. The rectus will typically also start to pull back together. Sometimes it will stay, and sometimes need to be sewn.

Diastasis is typically measured in "fingers" - literally how many fingers will fit in between the two muscle halves. I have personally worked with women who have had between four...

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Control Back Pain with Pelvic Stability


Control back pain with pelvic stability exercises.

While it is important to have a supple lower back that can move when needed, to control back pain it is equally (and I would argue, more) important to have a stable pelvis.


Glad you asked!

When you look at the structure of the human spine, it is pretty obvious that the spine has the most movement at the top and the least at the bottom. This makes sense in terms of engineering, since the bottom of the spine bears the most weight and should be expected to stay stable as the legs move below it and the ribs and shoulders move above it.

For most people, the pelvis and lower back moves every time they move their hips and ribs, leading to lower back pain and sometimes injury.

Control back pain by controlling the pelvis.

Basically, the old adage that we should "lift with our legs" and not our backs is very true! Our pelvis' should stay stable as we bend our hips and knees to engage the lower body during heavy lifting, or any lifting.


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Practicing Pilates

Practicing Pilates is like practicing anything. The more you do it, the better it gets!

The word practice is an interesting one. Somehow in our culture we tend to think of practicing as something that comes before, to get you ready for the real thing.

You practice until you get it right.

But we use the word for some pretty important things.

Doctors practice medicine, dentists practice dentistry, and engineers practice engineering. Do they ever get it right? Does the practice ever end?

I would say no, practice should never end. There is always more to feel, find, understand, and practice.

Practicing Pilates is similar. Some days Pilates is easy and some days not so much.

Some days I can find a nuance of an exercise that changes everything, and then I am off practicing again.

Some days the workout flows and I feel like practicing Pilates has paid off, and other days not so much.

How about you? Do you have any things that you practice? And are you happy practicing, or do you feel the...

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Why I Am Not A Celebrity Trainer

I am not a celebrity trainer.

I may be well known, command high fees, and train celebrities.

But I would rather be the help.

As many of you know, hubby and I have had several major life changes in the past decade. We sold everything and moved to the Caribbean island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos in 2005, then over to the tiny, A-list resort island of Parrot Cay in 2007, and then to the very big island of Manhattan in 2011. Where were we before TCI? On the Main Line of Philadelphia, living a life that we created, but realized that we didn't want.

I just turned 54, and am thinking back to where I thought I would be and what I thought I would be doing at this point in my life.

Generally, I knew I would be teaching something (since I do that well) and hoped to be in a major metropolitan area. Oh, and I was sure to have cats.

Just typing this is funny, because life turns out so differently.

Now I find that while I have general ideas about my likes and dislikes, I have...

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