A Lovely Reiki I Class

Yesterday I had the honor to teach Reiki I to a mother and daughter.

When my client @zoozan did her first Reiki session with me, I impressed on her that the beauty of the system was that it was easy to learn and easy to practice. So she sent her daughter @anna_lise in for a session and she agreed that she wanted to learn.

So yesterday, in a lovely setting overlooking the Hudson River, with plenty of green tea and water, I gave them the attunement and watched as they gave each other their treatments. So lovely! So perfect!

RT @zoozan: @lyndalippin @anna_lise and I loved the #reiki lessons!! The results of the treatments were immediately noticeable. Lunch soon!

RT @anna_lise: @zoozan @lyndalippin absolutely amazing #reiki training today!! Feeling incredible!

I also teach this remotely, as it is possible to send the attunement.

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