A Reiki Attunement Testimonial

Healing appeared to be only in the hands of a gifted few and therefore unattainable by most of us, so I thought. However, thanks to Lynda Lippin's Reiki attunements and teaching, I can now direct Reiki healing energies to myself and to others! And so can any other like-minded individual once they are attuned! I am so grateful to you Lynda! - Ron

When I asked my Reiki I & II student Ron R. for a testimonial I wasn't sure what he would say. After all, learning traitional Usui Reiki from a long distance can seem counter-intuitive. But in the same way that Reiki healing can be sent over long distances so can attunements, and then the support for practice is easy to follow up on.

Ron has done really well and has helped me refine my teaching. I hope that some of you will decide to train with me as well.