Allowing The Universe To Help

Reiki 'Monkey Mind'

Allowing the universe to help is difficult but always fruitful.

Every religious group has a tagline about giving up our difficulties and letting the universe work on things for us. We can "let go and let g-d," "give it up to g-d," "pray for help," and "talk to our angels."

Somehow, when we do this, and we let go of our worry and trust that things will work out for the best, they do. And we realize how fruitless all the worry is.

So if you have some situations that need work, stop doing it all. Envision that all is done in your favor and be grateful for having the situation resolved. Advance gratitude is key. Say Thank You and then let it go.

I have this experience with continued self Reiki treatment.

Things will shift. And not always in the way you think. Often better!