April Announcements


April Announcements - Pilates for Back Pain eCourse 50% off Flash Sale & More!

April Announcements - April is the new March! When I was a little girl I learned that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, but now it seems like that happens in April instead. I just wish I could get that phrase out of my head!

Pilates for Back Pain eCourse 50% off Flash Sale

So many of you (and your clients) suffer from back pain. I decided to put everything I know on the subject into this comprehensive Pilates eCourse - how to properly modify, do, and teach the entire Classical Pilates mat from pre-Pilates Fundamentals through the Advanced Mat in a spine-safe way. Complete Manual, Videos, and Audios for Five complete Pilates mat workouts plus extras!

For today only (Monday 4/18/16), buy this course for only $23.50 (50% off)

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Pilates for Hernia and Diastasis Recti Workshop for Teachers

Saturday, April 23, 2016, 1-4pm at Real Pilates Soho, 333 Hudson Street, New York, NY

Training clients with hernia and diastasis recti requires a small shift in thinking and approach for many Pilates teachers. It is crucial at the beginning that these clients avoid increases in intra-abdominal pressure (IAP), yet almost all beginning Pilates exercises involve working with just that. Luckily, it is easy to modify exercises and cue your clients to work in a way that helps.

In this workshop, I will share the successful modifications and techniques that have made me lower Manhattan’s most sought out classical Pilates specialist for people with diastasis recti and hernia. This 3 hour workshop includes anatomy, lecture, and practice on mat and apparatus.

You will leave with many, many tools to help your clients literally pull themselves together!

*You must be a Comprehensively trained Pilates instructor to register for this workshop.

Cost: $150 without PMA CECs / $180 with 3 PMA CECs

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Meet Juniper!

Back in January our wonderful old Smiley crossed over the rainbow bridge. Last weekend we went to Adoptapalooza in Union Square and this little nugget of love jumped into our arms and our hearts.

Juniper is a Thai Ridgeback mix who was rescued in Thailand from the illegal dog meat trade. We adopted her via Posh Pets in Westhampton. She is 4 years old and 28# - perfect NYC apartment size!


Enjoy Spring and See You in the Studio!