Are You Man Enough for Pilates?

I have a lot more men coming in to my Pilates classes at Parrot Cay, and all of them leave a bit bewildered because they were so sure that Pilates was simply a stretch and tone class for women and not a very difficult exacting workout! So I was amused to read a recent cyclist's blog post entitled Am I Man Enough for Pilates?

My first introduction to the form of exercises best marketed as Pilates was coming across commercials about how this or that actress got her tight tummy or buns of steel — oh, that was another commercial. Bottom line is I tended to associate these exercises with women. I mean every time you saw one of those slightly deflated balls there seemed to be a svelte woman sitting on it. Didn’t seem very manly to me! ...So when my coach, Jim Cunningham of the Greenville Cycling Center, gave me a list of exercises to do that sounded suspiciously like what I thought of as a girly workout, I was a little skeptical.

Then I started to do them.

Now many people dislike Pilates exercises, but typically because the workout is not hard enough. For this athlete, however, the hatred is different.

I will be honest and blunt. I hate them. However, it isn’t for the reason you might think. It isn’t because they are some type of girly exercises that a real man can do with ease. I hate them because they are stinkin’ hard!

So I must say that I am thrilled that the exercises are presented in a useful challenging way that is working this man exactly where he needs it. Bravo!