Baby Food Diet? Really?

I thought I had heard it all. Really.

And then my friend Natalie sent me a link to her OK! Magazine column where she mentions yours truly, but about me later. In a column devoted to attaining the body beautiful before bikini season, Natalie mentions that Tracy Anderson, who trains Gwyneth and used to train Madonna, is advocating a baby food diet. Yes, you read correctly, BABY FOOD.

A word of warning: legs like La Paltrow don't come easy - Anderson advocates a strenuous two-hour, dance-based cardio sequence in a boiling hot room, six days a week. It literally melts off that fat.

Definitely not for the faint of heart and with one-on-one training sessions rumoured to cost $250 an hour, it is certainly the luxury of the uber-rich....

In addition to this grueling workout, Anderson also encourages her clients to follow the ‘Baby Food diet’, which is guaranteed to shed more than seven pounds in one week.

The basic idea is to consume 14 portions of pureed foods throughout the day. All the mixtures are free from oils, spices and salt and can range from fruit smoothies to dandelion soups.

In the evening a ‘normal’ meal of lean protein and vegetables is permitted. Anderson believes that the easier it is for your body to process food, the quicker the weight will fall off.

14 portions of baby food? Is she crazy?

But now for me. Ahem,

Meanwhile, Pilates and personal training guru Lynda Lippin has developed a fail-safe plan guaranteed to shift those stubborn pounds in just ten days.

Far from spending hours pounding away on the treadmill, Lynda advocates short, sharp bursts of cardio complimented with light weight training.

“Cardio should take no longer than 15 to 20 minutes,” says Lynda. “I put my clients on the treadmill at an incline of 8 and speed of 12km/h for three minutes.

"They are allowed a one minute rest and then return to the original speed. A series of three to five of these intervals will get the better of even my fittest clients.”

Your choice - 2 hours grueling exercise day and baby food, or my completely sane 20 minutes of high intensity exercise and real food.