Review: AfterShokz Bone Conduction Headphones


AfterShokz headphones sound great and allow you to hear everything else!

I rarely wear headphones out in the city. There is so much ambient noise that I like to be aware of - people, cars, buses, and trains, for example!

So when I heard about these Trekz Titanium bone conduction headphones from AfterShokz, I was pretty interested.

How They Work

Bone conduction is a natural part of the hearing process as sound travels through our eardrums and bones simultaneously. AfterShokz has taken the concept to the next level through development of a suite of proprietary audio technologies and design patents that resulted in headphones that deliver unrivaled situational awareness and comfort.

Transducers guide mini vibrations through the cheekbones to the inner ears, delivering sound without plugging or covering them. In this way, blind people can use them while commuting and still hear the train announcement and all ambient noise along with music.

And this works well. I even experimented with putting in the included earplugs, and crazily enough the sound was louder!

There are also built in microphones, but since they are on the outside, you will sound like you are in a vast room and folks will hear the noise around you. This could be better.

aftershokzHow They Fit

While I love earbuds conceptually, I have small ear canals and have always had a problem getting them to fit and stay in my ears. Over the ear phones just make me sweat and are uncomfortable.

These just sit over my ears and in from of the canals. Very comfortable!

I would love it if the strap was more adjustable so I could use them while doing Pilates, where I am on my back a lot.

Update - Now they have a "mini" size, which will probably fit me better.

The Upshot

Trekz Titanium from AfterShokz are great bluetooth headphones! Easy to charge, comfortable, with great sound quality. Note that if you have ears that are sensitive, you can sometimes feel the vibration with a heavy bass, and that may bother you. It doesn't bother me, but hubby cannot deal.

At $129.95 they are a bit expensive, but I believe they are worth it, especially since they are the only ones out with this technology.

Dosha Bars, GoMacro Bars, & A Pluggz Flash Sale


Dosha Bars, GoMacro Bars, & A Pluggz Flash Sale

Today I am spending my afternoon at Real Pilates new Soho studio, doing one of my favorite things - teaching other Pilates teachers about helping client with Hernia & Diastasis Recti. Awesomeness!

It is finally warm in NYC, so I will most likely wear my Pluggz fold ups, which are comfortable to teach in. And for a quick snack I will have some bars - Dosha Bars and GoMacro Bars are what I have in the house right now.

Dosha Bars

Dosha Bars

The lovely folks at Dosha Bar sent me a free sample pack to review. Dosha Bars are

100% Organic, Unsweetened Fruit & Seed Bar.  150 Calories per bar.  NO added flavoring, preservatives, fruit powders, lab-made protein powders, or fiber supplements.

The bars are basically a seed and grain blend with fruit. Note that while they say Unsweetened, each bar contains some kind of sweetener in a small amount (honey or brown rice syrup), plus lots of fruit sugars. If you are on a no sugar diet, I would avoid these.

That said, these are not bad. There are three flavors of Apple (Kapha), Cherry (Vata), and Blueberry (Pitta), of which I liked the Blueberry the best. The bars are a bit seedy for me, with lots of smaller seeds like sesame and chia. As someone who had a tooth pulled a few months ago and is awaiting an implant, small seeds are a huge pain.

As to the balancing effects of the bars, I didn't notice a difference after just one.

Verdict? Committed yogis will love the concept, and if you don't mind small seeds, this is a winner.

GoMacro Bars

GoMacro Bar

When GoMacro Bars contacted me regarding their new Ellie Goulding bar, I couldn't say no. I have been hearing about how great these bars tasted, with lots of protein packed into a not-too-sweet, totally decadent, yummy bar. all GoMacro products: 100% plant-based, non-GMO, organic, Kosher and free of gluten, soy and dairy. I received one Ellie's Bar, which contains Coconut, Almond Butter, and Chocolate Chips, and one Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.

These are some of the best protein bars I have ever tasted, and hubby agreed. The texture is great - smooth and not too grainy, and the flavor is spot on. Filling and totally great! Ellie Goulding started working with GoMacro because she is such a fan of the bars that it made sense.

When you purchase Ellie's MacroBar, note that a portion of the proceeds go to support the homeless (Streets of London & Stand up for Kids). Plus there is a sweepstakes that you can enter (note the Golden Ticket in the image), where one lucky winner from the US and one from Canada will get to work out with Ellie and see her in concert!

“MacroBars have been my go-to snack after a workout and when I’m on tour. For the new bar, I wanted something that was sweet and a good-source of plant-based protein,” commented Goulding. “I am honored to help create a new product with a company that shares my values of healthy living and giving back.”

Verdict? Two big thumbs up on the GoMacro Bars! So yummy and can be a life saver for a busy Pilates teacher.

Pluggz Fold-Ups Flash Sale

Pluggz Fold Ups

I love my Pluggz Fold-ups! These travel-friendly grounding ballet flats are vegan, water-resistant, flexible, cute, comfortable, and come in their own little travel pouch. I have them in several colors, including matte black, glossy red, and teal! They are great shoes for the Pilates studio.

In addition to style and comfort, all Pluggz shoes have a black carbon plug in the sole that keeps your energy connected to the earth as if you were barefoot. Seriously, you will feel more grounded and energized in these shoes!

For today through midnight (4/23/16), all Pluggz fold-ups are $50 (reg. $89) when you use code EARTH at checkout. Hurry!

Summer Camp for Grown Ups at Holman Ranch


Summer Camp for Grown Ups, including Fitness Camps, launching this summer at Holman Ranch

Holman Ranch in scenic Carmel Valley, CA is well known for its horses, vineyards, and olive groves, but I didn't know that they are also a great place to have fun while boost my fitness and  health in a new and luxurious program, Summer Camp for Grown Ups.

Holman Ranch - Luxury Since 1928

Tucked away in the rolling hills of California's Carmel Valley, the historic Holman Ranch provides a unique and memorable setting for weddings, special events, family gatherings, corporate retreats, and team-building events. With its charming gardens, stunning mountain views and serenity, this private estate affords old-world charm while providing modern day conveniences. This stunning Property includes a fully restored stone hacienda, overnight guest rooms, vineyards, olive grove, horse stables and more.


Glamping at Holman Ranch

Allow your inner child to meet your outer grown-up by attending one of Holman Ranch’s throwback Adult Camps.  It's like summer camp when you were a kid, except no early bedtime or wake-up calls. And if you never went to summer camp, now you can! Relax, unwind, and disconnect from the stress of the workday world.

Enjoy a number of traditional camp activities, including:

·         Nature hikes ·         Swimming ·         Arts & crafts ·         Archery ·         Skeet shooting ·         Yoga & meditation ·         Star-gazing ·         Campfires ·         Billiards & ping pong ·         Dance classes ·         Board games ·         Barbecues

Plus a number of adult activities, such as wine or olive oil tastings, cooking or winemaking classes, or simply relaxing and reading a book  surrounded by nature on this 400-acre historic ranch. And, of course, s'mores at Holman Ranch's nightly campfires.room_campbell

Oh, and you won't be roughing it in bunk beds or sleeping on the ground at this camp. Instead, you'll reside comfortably in one of Holman Ranch's remodeled guest rooms or one of their new Glamping tents!

Fitness Camps at Holman Ranch

Want more from your summer camp for grown ups? If you also want to boost your health and fitness, Holman Ranch now offers Summer Fitness Camp packages.

Packages are available for 2-night minimum stay in either their 10 guest rooms, or in one of the new Glamping tents available for larger groups, and can be customized  from a selection of the following activities:

·         Individual or group fitness classes, offered in a secluded section of the estate amid olive groves and vineyards. ·         Yoga or Pilates classes or private sessions with a certified instructor ·         Dining options that include catering, cooking on your own, and healthy  and nutritious meals at a nearby restaurant ·         Cooking demos with renowned local chefs ·         Classes on nutrition and healthy eating ·         Guided hikes on numerous trails, from canyons to rolling hills ·         Swimming and water aerobics in the estate's swimming pool

pool_gnibus ·         Workouts in a fully equipped fitness room with free weights, universal weight stations, elliptical and treadmill cardio machines ·         Customized personal training sessions ·         Fresh juice and breakfast bars to start your morning off with an energy boost ·         Guided vineyard run/walk, a fun fitness run or walk through the extensive wine vineyards on the 400-acre grounds


Contact Holman Ranch at (831) 659-2640 or Their helpful travel specialists will help you plan your perfect Carmel Valley, CA Summer Camp for Grown Ups getaway!