Confusing Reiki

Cat receiving ReikiImage via WikipediaI have had some interesting conversations lately about pure reiki versus mixing reiki with other modalities. Let's face it, reiki by itself can be so hard to explain that it could muddy the waters to add in other things.

So when I hear people talking about reiki mantras, reiki chakras, reiki angels, reiki intuition, reiki channeling, or just about anything else with reiki in front of it, I am concerned that people are getting extremely mixed messages about reiki. All of these things are add-ons and are not really part of the process.

Take the example of a pilates client who told me she would never try reiki again because during her first session she saw all of her dead relatives waiting to welcome her back. When I delved into her experience, it seems that she was led to believe that spirits and other energies can try to connect with you when you are "more open" during reiki. This is not part of the reiki I know, practice, and teach; and it is an example of how an addition can make the treatment so murky that people turn away. Do cats add on to reiki ;)?

How do you feel about add ons? Should we clearly delineate between the "pure" reiki and what we bring into it? I think so.