Control Back Pain with Pelvic Stability

back pain neutral pelvis pelvic stability pilates pilates cues pilates education pilates mat Oct 19, 2020

Control back pain with pelvic stability exercises.

While it is important to have a supple lower back that can move when needed, to control back pain it is equally (and I would argue, more) important to have a stable pelvis.


Glad you asked!

When you look at the structure of the human spine, it is pretty obvious that the spine has the most movement at the top and the least at the bottom. This makes sense in terms of engineering, since the bottom of the spine bears the most weight and should be expected to stay stable as the legs move below it and the ribs and shoulders move above it.

For most people, the pelvis and lower back moves every time they move their hips and ribs, leading to lower back pain and sometimes injury.

Control back pain by controlling the pelvis.

Basically, the old adage that we should "lift with our legs" and not our backs is very true! Our pelvis' should stay stable as we bend our hips and knees to engage the lower body during heavy lifting, or any lifting.

This skill can be taught with squats, neutral bridging, knee folds, knee ups, etc.

Here is my video explaining pelvic stability, why it is important, and how to strengthen your pelvis and lower back for greater stability. Control back pain with pelvic stability.