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Over 80% of American Are In Chronic Pain

I was reading a few days ago that over 80% of Americans suffer from chronic pain, mostly due to inflammation. In addition, recent news suggests that the over the counter NSAIDS such as ibuprofen actually make things worse when used for the long term.

Hubby has arthritis in his spine, hip, and toes. He wakes up every day in pain, but is suprisingly physically able and mobile. He just moves through it. We have been searching for botanical alternatives to NSAIDS, since they are hurting his stomach.

Sometimes the pain can turn into depression, and becomes a vicious cycle.

So what is a person in pain supposed to do?

CW Botanicals hemp

Hemp may help pain and inflammation

So I started doing some research. We added some other supplements to his diet and multi-vitamin - vitamin D, vitamin C, glucosamine, chondroiton, MSM, and probiotics.

Hubby also started doing some meditative practices, including coloring. And we take more time away from the city, which is important to us.

But I was still looking for something else.

And then we found CW Botanicals Charlotte's Web Pen, a whole plant hemp extract naturally high in CBD as a topical gel pen product. Each pen contains 50 applications of 2mg each and retails for $49.95.

When I saw that the possible health benefits included overall improved wellness and body balance, less inflammation, and some possible alleviation of pain, I decided that he should try it.

Charlotte's Web Gel Pen

So far, so good

Hubby has been using the Charlotte's Web Infused gel pen twice a day for about one week, and is feeling better. His sleep has improved, and his mood is better. While the pain is still there, it seems to be affecting him less.

The gel is easy to use. Just twist the bottom and press it for one dose. Use it on areas of thinner skin (inside of wrist or elbow, or back of knee).

Note that hubby has sensitive skin, and this doesn't bother him at all.

Use promo code CW2015 before September 30, 2015 for 30% off your order.

We highly recommend that you try this product. I will report any more improvements as they happen over the next three weeks!

Have you ever tried hemp oil wellness products? Do tell!

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