Dirty Reiki Secret

This image depicts a Reiki treatment in progre... I have been doing more Reiki treatments lately, so I am being forced (in a very good way) to discuss Reiki more. My dirty Reiki secret is that I, a Reiki Master Teacher, have a very hard time talking about Reiki.

My difficulty is not that I question whether Reiki works, since all of my empirical evidence to date shows that Reiki is extremely effective in relaxation, pain relief, stress relief, headache relief, and in promoting sleep. Even if this is all that results from 45 minutes of Reiki, these are huge achievements in a society where people take pills to sleep and classes to relax.

But I always feel like I am on the edge of sounding "woo-woo", which is so NOT me. So I try to just get people to lie down and have the treatment to see how they feel, but I think it disturbs them when they feel so much better but cannot really explain why. I mean, really, how can you explain feeling your muscles relax in your lower back when my hands are just hovering on your head? But that's what happens with Reiki.

I have just decided to accept the vagueness of Reiki due to the non-invasiveness of the treatment and the clearly positive effects on myself, my clients, and my students.

How do you describe Reiki? How do you explain the effects? Let me know!