Distance Reiki for Stroke Victim

I recently received some interesting feedback from my Reiki II student Ron regarding his sending Reiki using the Invisible Person method.

On 6/1/09 I was requested to send Reiki to a brain stroke victim who was also being sent a different form of healing just before me. The patient lives in Washington state. He is doing wonderfully, better than expected. The family is very happy! I am waiting for more feedback as I told the requester the time I had sent Reiki. I was attempting to separate the healing sent before the Reiki to determine what effect the Reiki may have had afterwards. Maybe they joined forces?

Now Reiki will always join forces with whatever other positive healing is happening, which is why it is so effective as a Complementary Therapy. But a few days later he received this.

Some specific feedback on the stroke patient after the Reiki:

"...George seemed to have less energy today, but the Dr... reported that his CT scan showed increased improvement from the last one."

Interesting stuff, isn't it? Is it the Reiki, the other treatments? To tell you the truth, as long as he is getting better I don't see that the question has meaning.