Distance Reiki - Invisible Person Method

The invisible person method is my preferred method for distance reiki and for distance attunements, just so you know :-). I find it the easiest and most gratifying to work with. Call in the energy, draw or intend the distance symbol and whatever other symbols you are using,and intend to channel reiki to (name) in (location) for (ailment or greatest good or both).

Visualize the shape of a person’s body in front of you. The shape can be upright or laying down, whichever is easier. Intend that the body shape you are visualizing represent that person’s comparable parts. Scan the body shape, intending to scan the person. You may intend to scan each part in turn; for example, intend “scanning head” as you scan the visualized head area, etc. Notice that your intentions are the most important thing!

You may choose to rotate the image as you do the scan and treatment, to reach each part easier, or for your own comfort during the treatment. Moving the invisible body is easy! I often start with the person’s shape upright and scan down the person’s energy with one hand over the front and one over the back, moving downward. Then I intend the body shape to move to a seated position or to a horizontal position across my lap.

Treat the visual image with a hands-on treatment, intending the energy to reach the intended recipient. Afterward, close the treatment with your chosen closing method.

I would take notes on what you notice in your scan and then confirm with the person. I did this with my mentor Alice Langholt at Reiki Awakeningand noticed a lot of heat in her chest, back, and head. It turned out she was getting over the flu!