Distance Reiki - Surrogate Method

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OK, let's go over what is known as the surrogate method of distance healing, where you will use a small object to symbolize the person to whom you are sending the Reiki.

Start with a comfortable and familiar doll, teddy bear, or pillow and lay it on your knees. This will represent the person, animal, or plant that you are healing.

Call in the Reiki, draw the three symbols, ending with the HSZSN, and intend to channel distance healing to [name] in [location] for [ailment or greatest good]. Intend that the surrogate will represent the person, plant, or animal.

Treat the surrogate with a miniature hands-on Reiki treatment, intending the energy to reach the intended recipient. You may scan, use symbols as needed, and turn the surrogate over when you need to. When finished, draw the CKR or do whatever technique you like to close the healing. (Some people draw the power symbol, some simply intend that the healing be done and the Reiki “turn off”).

Try this and let me know how it works. It can be strange to do a full on Reiki session to a pillow or stuffed animal, but it can be helpful for focus. It can be helpful to schedule this kind of healing (as we did with your attunements) so that the recipient can be prepared and you can give each other feedback on the experience.

I am always willing to be a guinea pig, and you might also want to see if any other Reiki healers might want to swap energy and give you some feedback on the process as well.