Faith Hill's Pilates Body

Faith Hill gives my 42 year old self hope. The beautiful and oh-so-fit singer posed in a bikini for the cover of the upcoming December 2008 Shape Magazine as a birthday present to herself. Faith, married to the also very talented recording artist Tim McGraw, had knee surgery last January and started working out with her husband in July. Their daily workouts included elliptical, light weight lifting, crunches, and push-ups and soon the couple started looking and feeling better. But Faith's secret weapon is Pilates.

As reported on Fit Sugar, Faith added Pilates classes three times a week to help her tone up and increase flexibility. "Faith told Shape, 'I could bend in ways I haven't been able to since I was a teenager. My husband loves it!'

This Nashville-based star said, 'It was so hard, but ultimately so worth it. My core is much stronger, and my arms are more toned. In fact, wearing a bikini on a magazine cover is my 41st birthday present to myself.'"