My Favorite Body Care Products


My Favorite Body Care Products are all natural and smell great!

When you have been married as long as hubby and I (23 years), you start to share body care products. After a while, you agree on common favorites based on fragrance and what your skin needs.

We are both very scent sensitive, preferring natural fragrances or unscented products. And we each have skin disorders, eczema for me and psoriasis for him, so need body care products that moisturize and calm.

Seaweed Bath Company

I received samples from Seaweed Bath Co. and both of us loved the shampoo and body wash enough to order. Since then we have used their bar soaps, body creams, and bath salts. I am actually trying their not-yet-released facial product line right now, and the products are super hydrating, smell great, and my skin looks and feels fabulous.

While on a personal journey to find a better skin solution for Adam's severe bodywash_eucalyptus_front_copy_largepsoriasis, we discovered the soothing and detoxifying powers of seaweed. We were delighted to discover that seaweed not only calmed Adam’s troubled skin, but also provided important benefits for all skin and hair types.

The Peppermint and Citrus scents are light and natural, and the unscented products still smell ok, not weird like many unscented products do.

The shampoo and body wash lather well and rinse clean, without drying. The body cream sinks right in and feels light, but is extremely effective. The baths all contain seaweed and salt, and detox while treating your skin.

Serenity Acres Farm

The folks at Serenity Acres Farms raise goats for milk, and their goats milk soaps and body creams are rich and creamy. Their tagline is Happy Soaps by Happy Goats, and the soaps I tried are all different and all wonderful. Even hubby likes them!

At Serenity Farms we strive to create a place where we work with nature instead of against nature to create a healthy, sustainable, bio-dynamic home for us and our animals and make the planet a better place, one hoof print and one soap at a time! Serenity Skin Care and Soaps are toxin free, all natural, and are good for you, good for your body and good for the planet.

I love the goat stories and the cute folded boxes. But I love the soaps more. And the body cream is light and fluffy, yet rich and deeply moisturizing at the same time. Note that the products smell more in the box than they do when in use, so don't be put off.

Como Shambhalatravel-kit-s

Having spent time as both a guest and staff at Como Shambhala at Parrot Cay, I grew very attached to the Como Shambhala Invigorate products. They smell wonderful, are full of botanicals, and are very hydrating

The Invigorate body wash, shampoo, and body lotion all take me back to that gorgeous beach, even in my NYC bathroom. And the salt scrub works wonders on my dry skin as the fragrance transports my soul.