Fitness Pros Get Tired Too


I'm A Fitness Pro and I'm exhausted!


Sleeping when studying - Nakhon Sawan, Thailand

I am writing this at 6:23am EST. My first client this morning just canceled, as she is too exhausted to make it in. And given that I charge for the full session, this is not an inexpensive cancellation.

When I saw my doctor yesterday for my annual exam, my biggest complaint was exhaustion. She first asked me how my year went. I responded with my stuff, "My mother has liver cancer and is in hospice care, plus she has dementia and doesn't recognize me at all. My 86 year old father fell, was in rehab for three weeks, and during that time I orchestrated and physically moved his stuff to an assisted living facility. My 10 year old dog is having kidney issues, and my husband is suffering with depression. I am having trouble losing weight and eating properly, as all I want is comfort food."

Dr. Sondhi looked at me and replied, "If you had told me that you were sleeping 20 hours a day at the moment I wouldn't think it odd given your life right now. The fact that you are here and smiling is a testament to your strength and fortitude. Of course you are tired!"

She tested my thyroid function, but believes that exhaustion and stress are the cause of my problems.

How did I get to this place? What could I do to make it better? Maybe follow MY OWN ADVICE?

I could at minimum give myself some reiki (20 minutes), take an epsom salt bath (how ever long I want), and do 30 minutes of intense exercise followed by a bit of pilates or yoga. That's all it would take! Less than an hour!

So today I promise myself to do at least that - 30 minutes of fitness and 20 minutes of reiki followed by a mineral bath. Can't wait!

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