Forced To Slow Down


Forced To Slow Down - when the universe decides it's time to rest

You know, I am really good at giving other people advice.

Like, really really good. People pay me a lot for my advice, because it is always sound and grounded in truth.

But for me in my life, do I always take and follow my own great advice? Do I slow down when needed? Do I listen for subtle and not-so-subtle signs of what I should do? Not so much.

Yesterday I wrote about losing our dog Smiley, who adopted us 11 years ago. During her stressful last few weeks, I was having some pain and odd sensations in a tooth that I cracked back in October. My dentist had bonded the small crack, and we all thought that I would be good for a while.

So I ignored the pain and the spongy sensation under the tooth. And I waited. I just couldn't handle the thought of the dentist. Plus maybe I didn't want to slow down.

Until last weekend.

Last Saturday night, the pain started to build. By Sunday night I could only lay in bed and cry until I literally was too exhausted to be awake. Monday morning I woke up and headed to the dentist, who sent me to the endodontist for a root canal.

She got one third of the way in and stopped.

"That tooth is cracked to the root. You need to have it pulled."

And off I went to the oral surgeon. Tooth pulled and huge abscess drained, I left five hours after my start with crazy amounts of antibiotics and a few days worth of hydrocodone.

And orders to slow down.

Tuesday I couldn't even stay seated. I slept a total of 15 hours and reclined the rest.

Only today, a week later, am I feeling better. Between the weeks of little sleep and tooth pain, the stress of losing Smiley, and the two days of intense pain, I was done.

These infections can kill you, since they are close to the brain and the heart. I just blew mine off, until I was forced to deal with it.

My own advice would have been to slow down and get to the dentist early, before things got crazy, which would have left me better able to handle Smiley. And, the infection would have been caught earlier.

I should listen to my own advice!