Great Review of My Pilates for Neck Pain Audio

In case you think Twitter is useless, here is a great testimonial I just received from my Twitter friend @annesamoilov, a Pilates instructor in LA and a new mother. Her neck pain is now gone after using my audio.

Lynda Lippin's Neck Pain Pilates mp3 leads you very clearly through key fundamental exercises which has relieved several of my clients recurring neck and shoulder pain. I have even used it myself, since I'm a new mom. I spent more than a year bent forward watching my daughter breastfeed. My neck was always in pain--even after I stopped breastfeeding. I'm a pilates instructor and her audio guide put me through my paces. Within a few days of doing the fundamental exercises, my neck pain is gone. I highly recommend getting this audio guide - it works, even if you have prior experience with pilates. Lynda has provides the listener with the exact cues that work. She is easy to understand and her voice even has the added benefit of relaxing you as your doing the routine. I highly recommend the audio guide but also the step-by-step ebook too!