Hand Placements for Reiki Self Treatment

Today at Sarvodaya's Early Morning meditation
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Regular readers of this blog may notice that I am a big proponent, along with my friend Pamela Miles, of daily Reiki self treatment for all Reiki attuned people, whether you work on others or not. Reiki is a gift that we have to easily and comprehensively relax, meditate, and focus on our own well being for 20 minutes a day.

Some people are confused about the Hand placements for Reiki Treatment generally, and especially for self treatment. I was taught the following in my Reiki I training:

crown of head eyes ears throat chest diaphragm navel lower pelvis

and this is the "protocol" I generally follow in a self treatment, ending again at the crown. I set my little BB timer for 2 minutes per position and am up and done in 18 minutes.

If you only put your hands on yourself as you fall asleep, that’s better than nothing. Mrs. Takata often said, any Reiki [practice] is better than no Reiki [practice]. Simply placing your hands anywhere on your body can be enough to stimulate a systemic balancing response from deep within you.

However–you knew there would be a “however”–if you want to receive the greatest benefits as fast as possible (yes, I am a New Yorker!), give yourself a full Reiki treatment every day, moving your hands leisurely along whatever sequence you were taught.

If you use a protocol–a sequence that you repeat every time–you don’t have to pay attention to what you are doing, and your mind can drop spontaneously into a meditative state. This adds another level of healing to the session.

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