Her Abs Saved Her Life

OK, you hear Pilates teachers and personal trainers discussing the abdominal muscles as a true internal "girdle of strength" that can support your back and torso, but do you really believe that? I do, and recently came a cross a news story that confirmed this concept.

Peggy Williams almost died in a freak paragliding accident, and was told by recuers and physicians that it was her strong abs that saved her life.

Thrown about like a rag doll, she plunged 5m and was dragged across a rocky outcrop on her stomach.

Ms Williams suffered a torn liver and almost severed her pancreas but was ultimately saved by her stomach muscles which acted as a “girdle” to protect her other vital organs.

So what did she do, hours at the gym? Thousands of crunches? Nope, actually, she does about 1 minute of ab exercises a day!

Ms Williams, who has no children, said she kept to a simple exercise regime to keep fit.

“I do 15 sit-ups and 30 bicycle sit-ups, or lateral crunches, every day — it’s

just a one-minute regime,” she said.

“I also run two or three times a week, and together that keeps me fit.

“More than one doctor has said that being so fit is what saved my life.”