Hoola Hooping Granny Inspires Fitness and Weight Loss

Hampshire, UK resident Beryl McAuliffe has become a star on yearofwellbeing.com, where the grandmother blogs about discovering fitness and weight loss through hoola hooping.

"The grandmother-of-five, from Aldershot, shed half a stone and dropped to a size 12 after picking up a hoola hoop for the first time in 55 years in March this year, at her local gym. Since then she’s gone hoola hooping crazy and attributes her favourite new activity to losing four and a half inches from her stomach and two and a half inches from her waist! And this is just the beginning in Beryl’s quest to get back into her size 10 clothes.

Beryl, a retired local government auditor, says: “I had never had a problem with my weight until I hit 50 and then I shot up two dress sizes to a size 14. I tried everything – swimming, walking, line dancing and aqua-aerobics – but I’ve literally watched the pounds drop off while hoola hooping and it’s been particularly great to be able to share this incredible revelation with like-minded people throughout the UK on yearofwellbeing.com.”

Now Beryl has started a local hoola hooping group with other grannies in Aldershot and plans to use the Year of Wellbeing website to share her hoola hooping workout tips and progress through a series of blogs and podcasts."