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How Online Pilates Privates Helped Laura Harry of Beach Pilates

online pilates pilates pilates class pilates teachers Oct 14, 2020

A Testimonial from Toronto Pilates Teacher Laura Lynn Harry - Online Client

I love to teach Pilates, and love all of my Pilates clients for allowing me to teach them! I especially enjoying connecting with new clients all over the place via Zoom meeting.

I have a great time teaching other Pilates Teachers.

I currently teach Pilates teachers in the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, England, and Portugal, and we are all having a great time!

Laura Lynn Harry's Testimonial

Laura Lynn Harry owns Beach Pilates in Toronto. She teaches Pilates (both Stott and BASI certified), Barre, Spin, and TRX. Laura contacted me via this very website and we have been working together for a few years.

We have done mat session in her house, as well as apparatus sessions at the studio.

Her words -

"I just wanted to reach out to thank you & to let you know how much I’m loving our online sessions!!   

I would have NEVER believed it was possible to get a good Pilates session (let alone an AMAZING session!) by only having you see me from a camera on my laptop!!!  BUT… it IS possible and each session has been absolutely fantastic… and my body is So happy :-)

Your eyes see everything (again - I never would have believed it, with only my laptop… WHAT??!!!)  and I love that I can use any of my equipment to get in an amazing hour session with you… even though we’re in different countries.   Who woulda thunk?!!!

I’m seriously considering trying to squeeze in 2 sessions a week with you — that’s how much I’m enjoying our sessions.  *and I LOVE how I can hear your smile in your voice as I’m sweating and shaking - it’s reassuring to know how much joy you’re getting out of my torture.. LOL!  

(Seriously though, I know it’s because you truly love what you do…. it’s VERY evident and you are an inspirational teacher.)

See you soon, Lynda!"

How to Set Up A Remote Pilates Session

Setting up a remote Pilates session is super easy! All you need are some basic hardware and software and a good streaming data connection.


You need a device with a video camera - laptop, tablet, or phone, and a place to set it up near your mat or apparatus. I have clients who use their Phone, some an iPad or other tablet, and some a laptop.

The internal device microphone is fine! You can also use a bluetooth headset/microphone if you want to limit outside noise.

You don't even need a tripod. I have clients who just prop their phone up on a shelf or pillow.

And if you don't own apparatus or a studio, remote sessions are HALF the price of a studio session with me, so if you can rent studio space for an hour you will still make out well!


For software, Zoom meeting is free and cross-platform.

Once we connect, I will tell you exactly where to position your device so I can best see you.

That's it!

Benefits of Remote Pilates Training

There are so many benefits to remote Pilates training!

  • You get to train with a master teacher without having to travel to NYC.

  • You can train in the comfort of your home or studio.

  • I can teach you from anywhere, even if I am traveling or away from home and studio.

  • I am available via email and social media for any questions you have in between sessions.

What Is the Cost of Remote Pilates Sessions?

For Pilates professionals, a single 55-minute online Pilates session is $120.


Click here to schedule your online Pilates private (for teachers).

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