How Reiki in a Pub Led to the Tour de France

Three years ago competitive cyclist Hayden Roulston was diagnosed with a rare and incurable heart disease known to cause sudden death in athletes. He was only 25, and had just completed a few successful cycling seasons competing for professional teams Cofidis and Lance Armstrong's Discovery Team when he was diagnosed with arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia (ARVD) and told to stop competing.

Lately he won a Silver Medal on the last Olympics and is ready for the Tour de France. Even better, his doctor has cleared Roulston's health. His heart is completely fine 3 years later.

What caused this miracle? Reiki.

One evening he was having a few beers at a pub with his mates and happened to meet Reiki healer Julie Reid, who have him a quick 5 minute treatment right there in the pub, which failed to produce any obvious results until his next bike session.

"I had finished with cycling, all my dreams were gone. I had nothing to lose," he said.

"Next day I went training and felt something different....

"I had another treatment, but what is amazing is that Julie was still learning about reiki herself and the energy she has which is super powerful.

"I was totally sold after that - it blew me away to see her response: her hands were shaking and she was sweating from taking the bad energy out of my body."

Regular reiki sessions saw Roulston improve to the extent he returned to competition, and left him standing on the podium in Beijing after winning silver in the individual pursuit and bronze in the team pursuit.

Story from AFP via Google