Hubby Caught A Purse Snatcher


My Hero Hubby Caught a Purse Snatcher at South Street Seaport on 9/11!

South Street Seaport

We took the Smiley dog out for her walk on the evening of 9/11, and took Fulton street towards South, turning onto Front Street by the Coach store. This Asian kid holding a purse ran towards us with a guy in a suit behind him shouting, "Stop him! He stole someone's purse." Hubby threw me Smiley's leash, and when the kid saw the dog he dropped the bag right in front of me and kept going, with Hubby leading the chase. Another guy came up and when he saw I had the bag, joined the chase.

The woman whose bag it was came running up and I told her that I had her bag. She was distraught, but felt better when she checked the bag and everything was there. She told me that she had been laid off that afternoon and went to sit by the water and compose herself before taking the PATH train home to NJ. This robbery was the icing on the cake, and she was so happy to get her bag back. As I put my arm around her, we heard applause.

Around the corner on Fulton came hubby and the suit along with the kid who stole the bag, an FDNY guy, and two security guards. My 57 year old hubby chased the kid around the block, and when he hesitated (a limo driver turned away from his car to see what was happening) hubby pushed him into a wall and held him until the neighborhood fire guy showed up, congratulated hubby, and grabbed the kid to hold until the police arrived.

The cops came quickly, took statements, assessed the situation, and said that they were so happy because they never catch these purse snatching mules, young illegal Chinese kids working off their travel forever for the Chinatown gangs. Seriously, this kid was young and clearly terrified, with no ID and a throwaway cell phone. We didn't even have to give statements because only the guy in the suit actually saw the crime happen.

Sad to say that this kid will probably be bailed out, have the bail added to his tab, take a beating, and be back out stealing purses in a day or so.

Just another day in the FIDI. Good thing hubby does cardio (thanks Robert Brace's 28 Day Challenge)! The funny thing was that everyone else was either huffing and puffing or making lame excuses for why they couldn't run. Even the young kids. Hubby didn't even sweat. He wasn't even breathing hard!

I am so proud of him!!