Latest Reviews of My Pilates Ebooks and mp3 Downloads

First a great one from Kathi Casey, whose Get Off the Couch, Potato I reviewed last month.

In all three audios, Lippin's calm and reassuring voice explains in detail Pilates breathing patterns and how to keep a neutral spine. Many other programs leave these instructions out, endangering a customer's back and neck. I was very impressed with Lippins attention to detail.

If you've been searching for some slow and easy Pilates exercises to strengthen without causing more pain, Lippin's got you covered!

And then from my buddy Kerrie Ann Frey on Starting 2010 With Lynda Lippin's Pilates Downloads,

- Even if you don’t have neck or back pain, those downloads are still perfect for an early morning wake up or a workout on the days you want to enjoy rather than work your session.
- The counts and repetitions of exercises are consistent throughout the download, making it easy for you to anticipate when the reps are coming to an end.
- Oddly enough, not every town you travel to will offer Pilates classes. These are great for those who are out of town frequently.
- There are opportunities to work in standing as well as on the mat, which some downloads overlook.

Check them out, including my free ebooks!