Law of Attraction Prosperity Affirmation Video

Do I really believe in the Law of Attraction? Yes and No. What I can tell you from experience is that the more I focus on gratitude, on self development, and on taking inspired action to move forward, the better I do in all aspects of my life. Do I believe that it works without the action? That simply focusing without acting will get you anywhere? No, I do not. Whenever I receive an email from Pat O'Bryan or Joe Vitale offering me a new free tool to assist my development as a human being and as an internet marketer, I always check it out. Frankly, I bought their now free Clearing Audio years ago and found it to be so useful and such a bargain that I still listen to it regularly.

Now Pat has been focusing on videos, and offers several useful meditation videos on his YouTube channel. This one in particular is a short five minute morning video to start your day in a space of prosperity. So nice!

Law of Attraction Prosperity Affirmations Clearing Meditation Video - "Law of Attraction Prosperity Affirmations" - start your day with this to attract wealth, prosperity and happiness. More free Law of Attraction stuff at