Learning Pilates from YouTube

You may know that I have a YouTube channel and free Fitness Sanity Podcast, with good basic Pilates workouts and some discussions on basic biomechanics and how they relate to the Pilates exercises. Every once in a while I wonder if they really do any good; if people really watch them, use them, and get any value from the videos. Yesterday I checked my Facebook Page and there was this lovely private message from a fan in Australia. This MADE MY DAY!

Hi Lynda,

I would like to thank you SO much for your amazing Pilates youtube videos! I am from Melbourne, Australia and have been doing short Pilates workouts every day before work using your videos. I look forward to getting up in the morning and preparing myself for the day using Pelvic Stability and then your 10 minute Bikini body workout or the Core Exercises for Back, Abs and Shoulders. Today I tried exercising with the Ball and enjoyed rolling back and forth whilst activating my core muscles. ;)

I have started out as a beginner, and because you explain everything in detail, I always feel aware of my positioning and can notice if I am doing anything wrong. I am also enjoying sounding smart to my friends and family when I can explain about how important Pelvic Stability is. heehee

My neck and shoulder pain has improved, (because of your videos on them :)) and whenever I sense that my posture is out, out comes Youtube and your videos to align me correctly again!

If you have any videos or DVDs for purchase, please let me know, I would buy them in a heartbeat! If I lived in New York (or even came to visit) I would DEFINITELY come and have Pilates Sessions with you, you are AMAZING!!! :-D

Keep up the good work!!