Lesson of the Broken Toe


The Universe just taught me a lesson.

An articulated human skeleton, as used in biol...

I broke my big toe last week.

Normally a broken toe is not a huge deal. You maybe tape it; do lots of rest, ice, compression, and elevation; and you are good in a few weeks.

But not my broken toe. No, mine is broken in two places, so the chances of the bone pieces becoming misaligned and requiring pinning is much greater. This means keeping the toe completely immobile for at least three weeks. No exercise, minimal unbooted walking, and a giant boot for outside time and work time.

Otherwise I am to be reclining with my foot elevated and ice every couple of hours.

Awesome! (Not.)

How did it happen? I was rushing from one train to another and barely noticed the heavy cart wheel roll over my toe. Then I went and taught Pilates for a couple of hours, and continued on with my life.

When I finally got to the doctor and had the xray, my toe was huge and black. I was in a lot of pain and very tired. Now I have a minimum of three weeks of slowness, with a total of eight to ten weeks healing time.

There is a huge lesson for me here.

Stop rushing!

Now I get up 15 minutes earlier for work and can take as long and slow a hopping stroll to the studio as needed. I take a full hour to get from studio to studio, so I can take my time, wait for elevators, and look out for people and carts. I nap in the afternoons. And I try to not complain about my boot, since it allows me to work and leave my house.

Hubby is a huge help. He is doing everything he usually does (cooking, cleaning, laundry, and writing his second novel), plus every dog walk, every kitchen run, every store run, and little things like massaging my legs to help with circulation and lymph.

When I told a colleague what happened, she said, "So Lynda, what is the lesson here? You need to slow down and stop rushing!" Was it that obvious to everyone but me?

I will keep you updated!

So, how about you? Has the universe sent you any clear messages lately? Leave me a comment and let's discuss....