Lower Back Pain Pilates Audio

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Pilates Teacher and writer Ann Samoilov has tested my Lower Back Pain Mp3 and here are her unedited comments:

I just did Lynda Lippin's Lower Back Pain audio workout. Now, I do not
have any known issues with my back and I don't suffer from any chronic
pain. However, I will say that I do have hip tightness and random
pain caused by liftiing my toddler incorrectly.

I finished this guided exercise sequence much more open and looser in
my hips--especially the outer hips and also where I experienced
sciatica pain during pregnancy.

I highly recommend this audio program to anyone who has minimal or
continuous back pain. My own mother is struggling with some lower
back issues and I won't hesitate to recommend she try this!

The sequence of exercises has all the qualities of a solid pilates
principles workout--easy to follow, well-paced and above all safe.
Lynda has the ability to be very specific without overwhelming the
listening with anatomical jargon. She says just enough and a little
bit more to get you feeling what you should be feeling.

I can't wait to hear Lynda's next program and hope she considers doing
a series for prenatal women.

Thanks Ann! I will work on the prenatal as well as one for osteoporosis.

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