More Snow!


NYC Is Having More Snow (and Sleet, Ice, Rain)!

OK, I get that it is still winter. And I get that winter comes with cold, sleet, and snow. But today is almost too much to bear.

See, we already had a lot of snow, with chunks of ice just sitting at every corner. Now we have snow on top of the ice.

Right now it is raining, which will melt some of the snow, but then later it will start to snow again and everything will freeze up - cuz that's awesome!

More snow is irritating at this point. New Yorkers, who handle everything pretty well, including 9/11 and Sandy, are getting progressively pissier.

Any inconvenience, like subways running late or sidewalks that aren't cleaned, can lead to anger.

This morning the woman in front of me coming up the subway stairs, with lots of folks behind us, decided to stop in the middle to put up her umbrella. I thought we were going to run her over, but after lots of yelling, calmer heads prevailed.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. We have more snow coming, but I won't have to be out in it.