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My Little Workout Secret - FASTer Way to Fat Loss

faster way to fat loss fat loss fitness hiit home workouts intermittent fasting strength training Oct 08, 2020

Yesterday I shared a little secret with one of my Pilates mat classes.

While I love creating workouts for other people, I hate creating workouts for myself.

Yup, you read that correctly, I hate creating workouts for myself!

So this time of everyone teaching online has been great for me, because I can take other people's classes.

But seriously, the workouts that I have always followed online are my FASTer Way to Fat Loss® workouts.


Because they are great!

There is a new 30 minute workout every single day (HIIT cardio, strength training, or a recovery workout of yoga, Pilates, deep stretching, or barre), plus a full library of every class

I don't need to think about it, because every workout is thought out, results-oriented, & comes with modifications & variations.

If you are remotely interested in how these online FASTer Way workouts work, click here to check out this blog post.

And if you would like to try some of the FASTer Way workouts at home, click here to sign up for a FREE preview.

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