A Nathan's Hot Dog for Dad


Nathan's Hot Dog at Surf and Stillwell, Coney Island

For the past year,  my Dad has always mentioned one food item with longing - a Nathan's hot dog with mustard and sauerkraut.

Nathan's original Coney Island location.

You see, he grew up in Bensonhurst, right next to Coney Island, so those hot dogs had been a part of his life for 87 years, and a part of my life for 47.

Yesterday, the day after Dad's burial, hubby and I made the trek out to Coney Island on the N train. We went to the original Nathan's which is right across the street from the subway hub. (That's right, the Nathan's on the boardwalk is not the first one.)

Along with our hot dogs and fries, we bought a hot dog for Dad. I dressed it he way he liked it, with lots of sauerkraut and the mustard placed next to the dog, so it was neater to eat.

Coney Island SkyWe sat outside and ate, and remembered my Dad. I wasn't as sad, because now he is where he wanted to be, lying next to Mom forever.

Then we walked on the boardwalk, looking at the ocean, the kites, and the rides. And the sky!

And then we took the Q back home.

I hope you enjoyed that hot dog, Dad!