Pilates Allegro Footstrap Question

Q: Lynda, I have an Allegro pilates reformer (which I love!) and just purchased the box and a foot strap. Where is the strap supposed to be attached? I tried the area by the springs, but then I'm too close and my legs aren't straight. I also tried the area on the back of the footplate, where the wheels would attach if I didn't have the 14 inch feet. That sort of worked, but still didn't seem right. Any other suggestions?
Thanks! Laurie

A: Hi Laurie, The foot strap does go in the area by the springs for the Pilates short box series. The box can be moved back to sit on top of the shoulder blocks instead of in front of them, and you could try sitting back a little bit further on the box. Also, your legs do not have to completely straight for the short box series and the legs should be up enough to catch under the strap.
If this doesn't work it may be that the strap is too long (they make 2 lengths). Just call Balanced Body and get the correct length strap. Hope this helps! Lynda

Laurie then replied to let me know that all she needed to do was shift the box back and the foot strap worked just fine!