Pilates and Weight Training

Hi Lynda. As a complete beginner to working out, I am looking for a routine that can give me good size gains as well as making me strong.

I have a bad posture and suffer from shoulder instability. My hip flexors are very tight and I have many other muscular imbalances so I would like a routine that can address these imbalances whilst allowing me to make the size gains I'd like.

So I'd like to have a combined pilates and weight training regime. I would like to workout 4 times a week. How would you suggest I split the routine? I was thinking of 3 weight training/cardio sessions a week with once a week pilates.

Does this sound like a good routine? Would once a week pilates be enough to reap the benefits?

Thank you.

Dear Tommy,

Thanks for your question!

Now, I never give out training routines to people I haven't met, because only when I can see you move and see what your problem areas are can I give you good advice. So my advice in terms of routine is to see a trainer for at least one session and have him or her give you what you need. This way you will be doing the exercises most appropriate for your body and your goals.

Note that some people gain size easily while others struggle with size. Your workout will need to depend on your body. Plus, you need to watch carefully that you maintain great form in upper body work or you could very well injure your shoulders. A trainer will help keep you in great form!

In terms of a split yours sounds fine, but if in a few weeks you want more pilates or more weights change it accordingly.