Pilates Certification Q & A

Dear Lynda, I have been a member of a fitness center since 2002 and regularly attended their Pilates classes. I also practice Pilates several times a week in my home. I have recently moved to the Albany, NY area and would like to become a Certified Instructor( Beginner Mat to start). Can you please recommend some programs in my area? Also, do I necessarily have to be a client(member)at a facility before I can start a training program? I would like to start training ASAP. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much. Karen

Answer: Dear Karen,

It is good that you decided to ask before jumping into a Pilates certification program. I suggest the following programs which all start with mat and also progress into Pilates equipment if you decide to go that route. Whether or not a studio would like you to take lessons with them before entering a program is up to the studio. Most Pilates studios do not have a traditional gym membership structure. I never did, but cannot speak for others. Look for:

PhysicalMind Pilates Peak Pilates Power Pilates Balanced Body University

Feel free to ask more questions.