Pilates & Fitness Teachers - Read ONLY If You Need Clients

I have been hearing from a lot of Pilates & Fitness Teachers and they are looking for new clients.

What if... attracting the Pilates & Fitness clients you want and need was not so difficult?

What if... small changes in how you present yourself, market yourself, and teach would make BIG changes in your schedule and income?

What if... you could work fewer hours and make more money while helping people more?

I believe that we are all capable of being busy, talented trainers who can help our clients transform.

I believe that the process of transformation starts with us, the pilates & fitness teachers. Once we see how easy and great we can be, we attract clients who want what we have to offer.

Which brings me to my next Marketing 101 workshop. Use Code "LLGift" at checkout (or mention if you call) and receive a free gift at the desk!

Expanding and Maintaining Your High End Client Base
Real Pilates, 177 Duane Street, NY, NY 10013, 212-625-0777
Wednesday, October 15, 3:00 – 4:30pm, $45
What do you as a trainer need to know about attracting great clients? In this workshop Lynda will share her secrets that keep her steadily busy in a city full of trainers who cost a lot less. Learn which skills are crucial, how to do more with less, and be adaptable while maintaining strong personal integrity.