Pilates for A Flat Stomach Fast

According to the "Food Coach" Lori Corbin of ABC's LA affiliate, both food changes as well as added exercise are necessary to achieve flat tummy nirvana. "'One thing that you can start doing right away is Pilates,' said fitness expert Jill Brown from the Sports Club LA.

Brown says there's no equipment needed. Just grab a mat or lie on carpet to try a reverse crunch in order to train the deepest level of your abdominal tissue; as standard crunching might not be effective.

'If you're doing crunches all day long, 1,000 crunches a day or what have you, you're only working the six pack. But that's not actually going to shrink the width of your belly or flatten your tummy,' said Brown."

See a video of great tummy flattening Pilates moves on the station's website.