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Pilates for Neck and Shoulder Pain Audio Helps Tech Neck

neck pain pilates pilates audio pilates class shoulder pain tech neck Oct 14, 2020

If you are struggling with neck and shoulder pain, especially with working from home, I have something that will help you!

My Pilates for Neck & Shoulder Pain audio class is 30 minutes of exercises put together specifically to help you feel better.

Here's what my client Beverly has to say,

"I've used your audio a few times, now. My neck and shoulders feel pretty good!

Your voice and directions are easy to understand, and it is brief and simple enough that I am not at all daunted to fire it up and do a quick session in the mornings.

I think it helps me start the day with better posture at the computer, too. I'm eager to see what long-range effect it has on my neck, since I have a tendency towards forward-head posture...

All in all, I think people will like and benefit from this product. I hope you're marketing this and your other MP3's to people at risk for repetitive stress injuries working at the computer--that would be a great target market. Very good job!" 

Pilates is really great for relieving neck and shoulder pain and tension while also strengthening your muscles to hold you in alignment and out of pain.

This Pilates For Neck and Shoulder Pain Audio, along with others, is available for instant purchase and download for just $30.

Click here for more information on all my Pilates Audio Classes.

Click here to purchase Pilates for Neck & Shoulder Pain now.

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