Pilates Is A Service Business


Pilates is a Service Business, not a personality cult!

In the Pilates world there are many "names" that are well known, and what all of the long-lasting names have in common is a combination of a solid Pilates reputation with a strong service record.

They cannot exist separately, the solid Pilates background and the customer service record, but must always be together.

If you want to make your name rise in the Pilates (or fitness, or any) field, you must offer a quality product backed by great service. Once your name is attached to a sub-par Pilates experience or to bad customer service, you will have problems.

Remember that in this age of the internet, anybody can be a reviewer or a secret shopper.

That client you yelled at when you were stressed out and had a bad day? She can turn around and blog about that.

That poorly cued and timed class you sailed through when you were hungover? That can easily turn up on Yelp, Rate Your Burn, someone's blog, or any social media site.

The consequences of a "bad day" for any service business are much more dire today than ever.

Tread lightly and remember that Pilates is a SERVICE business!