Pilates Teachers - On Celebrity Clients and Overseas Teaching


Pilates Teachers - On Celebrity Clients and Teaching Overseas. Expand your horizons!

Last week I presented a Business Development lecture to a group of lovely NYC pilates teachers.

Most of them were interested in working overseas at some point, and all were fascinated by the idea of retaining at least one celebrity client.

Regarding celebrity clients:

  • Up your customer service! No sloppiness, no lateness (even if they are always late), no uber-familiarity, no mixing of personal and business.
  • Be prepared for last minute scheduling, scheduling of friends, late minute cancels, and possible travel.
  • Set your price so that you are comfortable with the above. And think about what costs you will have to cover if you have to travel or cancel your other clients.
  • Network (especially in NYC and LA) with your nail salon, massage therapist, acupuncturist, trainer.... Let them know you are open to celebrity clients and would appreciate referrals.
  • Be solid and comfortable in what you teach. The first session will be a test.

Regarding working overseas:

  • Try to experience all brands of Pilates equipment. You never know what you will get overseas (including homemade stuff), so be prepared.
  • Be solid and comfortable in your own teaching. You may be the only one on your little island.
  • If you work at a resort, be prepared to always be on. You will be living and working with everyone. Want to hit the beach on your day off? The guests will be there.
  • Be prepared for a 1-2 year contract. It costs a lot to bring someone in from overseas, so it's not usually worth it for a short term contract.
  • Beware of Fitness Travel companies, or any company that asks you to come through immigration as a tourist when you will actually be working. There will be dire consequences for your future ability to travel and work overseas should you get caught.