Pilates with Ring & Foam Roller Mp3

About.com's Pilates expert Marguerite Ogle recently reviewed my Pilates on Ring and Foam Roller MP3 and really enjoyed it! In her review, Pilates Ring and Foam Roller Workouts on MP3: Pilates MP3 Downloads from Lynda Lippin Marguerite says,

The Pilates ring workout opens with a great butt and thigh toning sequence. I remember thinking: Oh good, bathing suit weather is right around the corner (it's December as I write this). Not to be outdone, the arms get a good workout too.

And continues,

The foam roller workout is a nice combination of fundamental moves, inventive stretches, and massages with the roller. If you've ever wondered what to do with a foam roller, you will get good ideas here.

A solid 30 minute Pilates workout for only $7.77 - a bargain!

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