Product Review: Acoustibuds Premium Adapters for Earphones & Bluetooth Headsets

I have a confession to make. I rarely use my iPod for music because the earphones never stay in my ears. And that means I can't use it during fitness activities, which is a bummer!

That's right, they just never stay in my ears. I have spent literally hundreds of dollars on various earphone variations and none of them has really worked well for me. The standard iPod earphones are just a joke; they fall out and I can barely hear the music because of the poor fit. Then I have tried the actual inside-of-the-ear earbuds that are never deep enough and also fall out, the over-the-ear hook earphones that stay on but not necessarily in my ears...I had just about given up!

So when I saw Burton Technologies' Acoustibuds — adapters which fit over any standard earphone and supposedly help them stay in your ear comfortably while at the same time improving sound quality — I was understandably skeptical.

Acoustibuds are designed for the standard earphones provided with the Apple iPod, Apple iPhone, Microsoft Zune, Sony's and many other manufacturer's MP3 players, most aftermarket earphones, and most Bluetooth headsets. Basically, they are lightweight silicone sleeves that you slip over the earphone speakers.

There are two pair in the box, size five and six (which seems a bit random). As I have a smaller ear canal, I chose the smaller pair. They are easy to install, literally just slipping over the earphone speaker, and surprisingly comfortable. Luckily I read the instructions and turned the volume down on my iPod because the sound quality really was significantly better with much less background noise and more intensity. In addition, they actually stayed in my ears! I tried them walking, running, and shaking my head violently and they did not fall out.

Retailing at $10-$20 per box (with two sizes in the box) Acoustibuds are a great bargain for those of us who cannot wear most earphones. Just pop them onto any earphone and you will have better sound, a comfortable fit, and earphones that actually stay in your ears. I wish I had found these years ago!