Reiki Helps Baby Boy In UK

Here's a great headline for you Reiki fans, "Paramedic's 'magic touch' helps baby Kellum".

Imagine how scared the young Dean family was when the normally happy and healthy 14-month-old baby Kellum suddenly started convulsing and his temperature soared to 40C (his mom Vicky is only 18 years old).

Paramedics Becka Thurgood and Dean Jay arrived quickly, and "they were 'amazed' by reiki practitioner Mr. Jay’s sudden calming effect on the family." Dean Jay managed to calm the family and the baby using Reiki.

He said, “'I wouldn’t use reiki as a substitute for conventional treatment but it aids calming. I couldn’t speak more highly of it. It’s wonderful. I have been having it done on myself for five years. The first level is sorting your own wellbeing out in order to be an aid to somebody else. You’re open all the time, every day, so any contact is a benefit. I left Kellum with some healing energy.'”