Reiki In Hospice

Judi Chamberlin blogs about her Life As A Hospice Patient. Judi has COPD ("chronic obstructive pulmonary disease") and you can read her medical story yourself, but at this point her lungs work so poorly that in home hospice care makes the most sense. This way she has a team of people working with her. As part of her care Judi started receiving Reiki a few weeks ago. Her first reiki treatment.

Her name is Angela and she told me that the treatment was designed to mobilize energy, and that she would say very little but that I could talk if I wanted to. She sat next to the bed and very gently put her hands on my knees, and then, after awhile, on different points on my legs, and at times not quite touching me. Like acupuncture, it had a very calming effect...Once she left I felt calm and relaxed, and also had a lot more strength.

Please share your own experiences with Reiki. What was your first Reiki session like?