Review: Five Toe Sandals from ToeSox


On the face of it, I am a very hard sell for Five Toe Sandals.

If you read my review of ToeSox, you know that I tend to not like things in between my toes. In fact, I actually feel claustrophobic doing pilates or yoga in ToeSox.

That said, hubby and I loved the new styles of Five Toe Sandals, so when a review opportunity came up I eagerly jumped in. I tend to like my flip flop-style sandal on the smaller side, with very little extra space at the toe or heel. Hubby is the opposite. Since most reviews say that these run true to size, I ordered the purple Kirra denim sandal in size 8 for myself and the black Bohemian sandal in size 10 for him. Note that I have short wide toes, while hubby has long skinny toes.


Interestingly enough, my sandals are slightly big (for me; for most people they are perfect) and hubby's are a bit small (he likes some extra room at the heel, especially for city walking). So if we order more of these, I will get mine in size 7 and his in size 11. That said, after a few days of acclimation these are now our favorite go-to comfort sandals. Quick run to store, check! Dog walk to Seaport, check! Walk to work, check!

They are also fabulous pedicure shoes, since the toe separation is built in.


But the most interesting part of this review process has been the changes in my feet. I have some residual nerve damage in my right leg from car accidents, and am generally unable to move my right pinky toe at all. Since I have been wearing the Five Toe sandals, I can actually move all of my toes. Now my feet feel extremely constricted in shoes and even standard flip flops.

Hubby loves the fact that the heavy denim dries quickly and doesn't chafe even when wet. And we both love that even with daily wear in all weather, these have never developed that well-known bacterial stink.

The Five Toe Sandals are very comfortable and quite supportive. I cannot believe that I have found a toe separating sandal that hubby and I both love to wear, and even crave the feeling of wearing. They do wear quickly in the city, so I wish for a heavier duty sole and a denser foot bed for longer lasting urban wear. That said, kudos to the folks at ToeSox for convincing us that toe separation is a good thing!