Review: Foam Rolling by Sam Woodworth

Review: Foam Rolling by Sam Woodworth

When I first started teaching Pilates in 1989, foam rolling had just been introduced to the fitness world. The roller were plain white packing foam, came in just a few sizes, and would crush down and need replacing every six months or so.

Today myofascial release is such a big deal that we have lots of different rollers. Different densities, shapes, sizes, and textures make things interesting, And now we have balls, small rolling pins, and other tools.

And even though I have a lot of the other tools and sizes, my favorite is still the 36" long basic roller.

I was hoping that Sam Woodworth's Foam Rolling would focus solely on the basic roller, but he instead uses the roller, balls, and rollers of different sizes.

Foam Rolling is well illustrated, and contains different protocols for different issues. Sitting down too much? There is a series for that. Tight chest or armpit? You are covered. Need to stand up and release? There are series against the wall.

While I am always looking for more new and interesting exercises on the roller, this book is geared to clients at home, not to personal trainers or Pilates folk who already know the basics of myofascial release. Woodword addresses that audience well, with clear photos and explanations of what to do and where to place the balls and rollers for maximum benefit.

Note that if you want to experience the full workouts, you will need more gear than just your roller.